Fire Alarm System

A well designed conventional fire alarm system with a microprocessor based LED or LCD display panel using a wide range of conventional smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi criteria detectors, flame detectors, infrared beam detectors, Linear Heat Sensing cable detectors, manual call points, etc. are still considered as an economic option, especially for small facilities.
We undertake installation of small fire alarm system for your office premises to a complex fire detection configuration for multi complex
commercial premises using the most suitable detection devices to get optimum functional satisfaction with a wide range of optional auxiliary functions and mimic display devices for quicker identification of the origin of fire. It is available from a simple 2 zone LED display panel to very large and complex configuration to meet the specific customer requirements.
Linear Heat Sensing Detector System ( LHS ) cable detectors are our preferred choice for timely detection of fire by sensing an overheat or fire condition in places like Cable Trays, Conveyors, Air Craft Hangers, Power Transformers, High-Risk Hazards, Tunnels, Cooling towers, Petrochemical storages, Transportation Facilities and Historic Landmarks. LHS cable-based systems provide economical temperature monitoring at precise point of risk.
They are reliable, flexible and have the ability to detect abnormal temperature variances before fire breaks out

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